Free warranty registration

Congratulations on your new Aduro wood burning stove.

You can register it in the link below. It’s important that you fill in the form as correctly as possible so we can give you the best service. The form must be filled in no later than 5 months after your purchase (from the invoice date). When registering, Aduro offers you a 5 year product warranty. Remember to save the original receipt. Without this warranty, we provide a 2 year right to complain.  

The warranty does not cover:

•   Damages resulting from incorrect installation and use of the stove,
     overheating and wrong or missing maintenance of the stove etc. 
•   Consumable service parts (glass, gaskets, firebricks, handles, slides, cast
     iron grate, time release cylinder unit, etc.), which are subject to normal
     wear and tear. You can buy these parts in our webshop.
•   Mounting or demounting in connection with warranty repairs.
•   Transportation costs in connection with repairs within the warranty period.
•   Damages to the stove caused by external influences or damages caused
     by the stove on other objects. 

Production number: how to find the production number 
- Aduro 5 and 5-1: have a punched out production number on the door + rating plate on the back of the stove.
- Aduro 13 and 13-1: find the production number on the rating plate on the inside of the leg of the wood burning stove
- Aduro 9-4 and 15-3: find the production number on the rating plate underneath the stove. 

Start your warranty registration now by clicking here (opens in a new window)